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Type of Program: Telephone Utility
Supported Platforms: Windows 95/98.
Company Name: Impulse Technology
Version: 22.1
Price: $17.95
Installed Size: 808kb


Want to know who is on the phone without picking up the phone receiver? Well be sure to give IDentify your ear for a test. You may download and use it for free for a period of 30 days at which time you must register or the program will cease to work and make you crazy trying to guess what s wrong.

Using IDentify you will have caller ID on your PC but with a difference, lots of features You won't be able to live without after trying them, following is a list of a few of them. ..... 2 sizes of pop-up windows to choose from, a built in database featuring name look-up, speech announcements that speak callers names using text to speech capabilities, also wav files to announce your callers names from your database, and a call log featuring printing and sorting abilities to name a few.

IDentify will allow you to view calls several ways, from a flashing system tray, or Using the Pop-up window feature large or small windows, maybe voice speech or even e-mail or numeric pagers the choice is yours. You can return missed calls via the log files (read and answer at the same time)

IDentify allows you to configure the program to hang up on salesmen,friends or Anyone you do not wish to speak to, ( the boy friend you are mad at ) at the same time you can configure it to answer those you do want to speak to.

You also have access to several pre-recorded messages that you can use for special calls such as those unwanted phone calls or you may configure the program with your own wav files. (you must have a voice modem for this feature).

You may use the scheduler feature to have the program perform certain functions at certain times using the enable/disable feature.

IDentify is TAPI compliant, it can share your modem with other programs such dial-up networking, it will monitor the port for incoming calls and be able to release the port if and when you need it to do so; allowing you to go online, fax a letter or even to check your e-mail., you can check your calls via the system tray for those that came in while you were away. All you need to do is look at the system tray, if it has been configured to do so it will be flashing which will let you know calls have come in.

You can add or delete names and phone numbers from your database at any time you desire and even import names and numbers from other programs. A good help section is included and will really help get you going with setting up the program or with just plain everyday information. You can also log phone calls for other people by telling IDentify to add to the log files.

The speech engine will speak the callers name and you can configure it to speak to you upon startup. You also have several options regarding how IDentify will open including starting up with Windows. You may enter a special wave file to be played for any of your callers if you desire it, the help files will show you how.

Be sure and read the requirements for using IDentify at the time you download IDentify for the free trail period, they are important and can save you lots of time. Go to their web page at and get your free trail you won't be sorry.

Registered users will be automatically notified by e-mail when a new version is released, and updates are always free for registered users. You may purchase IDentify using one of the following methods, online with a credit card, By fax or by regular mail.

User Friendly:
Ease of Installation:
Reviewed By Nina Bogus

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