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RAM Booster

Type of Program: Utility/RAM Booster
Supported Platforms: Win 95/98/NT.
Authors Name: J.Pajula 
Version: 1.5
Price: FREE.
Installed Size: 723kb


Ok. I really like this program. What? Shocked, you say? Such words from the man who constantly gives shareware authors screaming headaches after reading his reviews? 

I'm touched.

Look. I wanted to hate this program. Really. It took every ounce of willpower I had to not give it the requisite 2 stars and toss it flaming into the Recycle Bin. 

Ah, but if OzNurse is nothing else, he is honest.

Ok. So why, you ask, with laboured breath does OzNurse like this Program SO much. Well, let me tell you. 

I do like a man who writes a bloody good help file, and J.Pajula (John? James? Jeremy? Jhamiacna?) does just that. Easy to understand and simple to follow. J. takes you through each and every step, explaining everything in "newbie" terms that do not insult one's intelligence. 

Actually, the only irritating thing about the whole thing was the program's insistence on staying on top of all my other windows, which mind you, made it hard as hell to write this review! J? Something to think about for the next release, hmmm?

So, thanks to the outstanding, step-by step help files, configuration is a breeze! So, you might be asking yourself. WHAT does it do?! Well, I'm getting there. My, you're an impatient bunch tonight.

As I was saying, until I was so rudely interrupted by your thoughts. RAM Booster 1.5 has a beautiful display window which shows you the Target level of free RAM (mine was 4 MB; Don't ask, I've no clue) Ram and CPU usage (my CPU usage kept fluctuating between 3 and 5% while my Free RAM was 57020kb) and Free RAM (% of what you've got.) The color scheme was nice, with green letters on a black background (for all of us over-the-hill-gone-blind-leave-a-message types) along with a green and red bar showing our Ram usage at the moment. All of this neat techie stuff updates every second. Imagine that. 

Swap file, File Cache? Don't ask this reviewer, I have to take out the trash and wash the dishes tonight. But, not to worry. J's even included a hyperlink to take you to a site for more information on the subject. Need to know how much free RAM you've got? Just set your pointer on the icon in the sys tray and it will tell you; no need to maximize the program or stop what you're doing.

So, according to the author, Ram Booster s a "program to free up Ram by forcing Windows to remove all the data that is not currently needed in the memory." -- J.Pajula.

Some advantages of this are (according to Mr. Pajula): -No more lock-ups -Some applications load as much as 40% faster -Prevents blue screens -Makes websurfing faster, especially if you visit sites with heavy graphics.

And you can quickly reboot or restart your computer from the menu in the systems tray. Outtasight! Ooops. Sorry. I'm dating myself again!

So go out and get RAM Booster 1.5. It'll tickle you pink and your can convince all your friends you know SO much more about computers than they least that's what *I'm* telling all my friends. In short, it's a winner.

Performance: I've no complaint. And I gave him half a point for being from one of those cold places.  
User Friendly: The author sure is! And he's taken the time to help everyone configure his program. Kudos for that! .
Cost: Free. Ok, how can you beat that? (What else could you give for somthing that is free?)
Ease of Installation: Just zip in, zip out. .
Support: All over the place! Although I'd like to have seen an explanation on just "what" RAM is...or at least another one of those niftly links to a site for more explanation. Missed that
one J. 3 stars.
Help File: Like I need to tell you again?
Reviewed by Oznurse.

Overall Score Ratio: 4.5 Looks like Ram Booster made it into OzNurse's "Essentials" category! Good Show, J!
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