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Read Please 2000

Type of program: Text-to-speech
Supported platforms: Win 95/98
Company name: Money Tree Software Co
Authors e-mail address:
Version: 1.0a
Cost: free
Installed size: 20 MB


This program is fantastic, therby proving that it doesn't always cost a lot of money to get a good program. Basicly, ReadPlease reads to you-anything you want! It reads any text that is copied to the Windows clipboard or the text that is in the read please window. It has 4 voices, 2 male and 2 female, and you can adjust the voice speed and the pitch. It reads in a natural sounding voice, it recognizes such things as smiley faces, :) Minnasota for Mn, dates, and it has real inflections and tonal qualities, so that the text does sound natural and not monotonal, like so many computer voices I have heard.

When you open the program, it will stay in the task bar tray when not needed, it uses both right and left clicking to access all the commands, and is really easy to use The ReadPlease window is a stylized window/screen that looks good There are several controls on the side of the screen, like a volumn control, a speed control button, that has a 3 sec. delay, but allows you to change the voice speed without going into option, a screen brightness control, a change person button, and much more. In the upper right corner is 2 extra boxes, one is minimize to task bar and the other is always on top.

Under Edit is an option choice and this is a very interesting 5 tab dialog box. The first tab is options and it contains such stuff as what to display on the window screen when ReadPlease first starts, or whether you want to start ReadPlease when you start Windows. The second is voice settings where you adjust the voices speed and pitch and save or restore the default. The third tab is help and this has a link to the readplease website or you have a link to register, which is free-and you will be advised of new tools and add-ins for Microsoft Office. The fourth tab is the ReadPlease Challenge, I took it and ya know what? I was surprised! The fifth tab is Samples and there is five of them. When you click on one of them, it is read to you. 

There is also a nice looking clock on the ReadPlease Window, and this program is Y2K compliant.

Some uses of this program are saving eye, wrist, and back strain, helping people that need extra large type, or even people that have normal eyes and can't read some Internet text [you know which I mean, real tiny stuff] It also can help you proofread a letter or whatever, and it tells you to pause and check it out, and I agree that it is easier to hear a mistake than see it sometimes. 

While any file is being read, as each word is said, the word in text is highlite and the highlite follows the reading [kinda like "follow the bouncing color, kiddies] This would help make ReadPlease a good program to help teach the kids to read.

If you got the idea that I liked this program, you are right! 

Ease of Installation:
Sound & graphics:
Reviewed by Stormy Strock

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