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Scrollworks Cascader

Type of Program: Start Menu Add-on
Supported Platforms: Windows 95/98/ NT 4.0
Company Name: Scrollworks LLC
Price: $9.95
Installed Size: 476 kb download file.


While Scrollworks' Cascader seemed to be a great idea at first glance, on running Cascader, it's limitations became utterly apparent. Don't get me wrong, the program itself is well-designed, easy to install and uninstall, and relatively straight-forward. 

The interface contains a single window containing a command box with a list of folders on the left side, prompting you to select the folder you wish to add to your Start Menu, an "add" button in the middle and a row of five command buttons (close, help, about, remove all and register) on the right side. All of this is created with large icons, which is nice for all use old folk!

The list of folders you can choose from include My Computer, Desktop, Control Panel, Printers, My Documents, History, Favorites, Network Neighborhood, Start Up, Recent, Fonts and Cookies.

Once your folders are in place however, you are able to delete the "cascade" folder from your hard drive, which is convenient for many who are still trying to conserve hard drive space. 

The drawbacks? All of these are already accessible from the Start Up menu. 

Granted, they are tucked away in Win 9x's resident Start Up Folders, however, Scrollworks only allows you to "add" these folders; MORE folders mind you, to the already crowded menu. One cannot complain all too much, as it is very nice to be able to access "My Documents" and "Control Panel", etc. as quick menus. 

Unfortunately, Scrollworks does NOT allow you to get rid of any of the resident Windows folders already place on the Start Menu. Oh what I wouldn't give to be able to get rid of "Favorites," "Documents," "Help," "Find" and "Run." Truly worthless folder for many of use with a fair amount of experience with Windows 9x (with the exception of "Run" for some of those still in love with command lines!.)

To be a truly useful and resourceful program, the team at Scrollworks is going to have to figure out how to be able to remove some of these folders first, allowing the customer to design the Start Menu folders to suit each individual's need. As it stands, Scrollworks has made quite an intriguing beginning. They still have a bit of a way to go though. 

Performance: No glitches hold this program back, and you'll get none of those incomprehensible Window's "error"
messages on installation, unistall or use.
User Friendly: Completely. A single window is all you need to look at. No drop-down menus or long "what's that mean?" configuration entries. The drawbacks stop this from being an "essential" part of your shareware program list.
Ease of Installation:
Support: Non-existant, or at least not mentioned anywhere I could see.
Help File: Nicely done, but limited in it's information in certain areas. However, I appreciate any author who includes images of the menus! .
Reviewed by OzNurse

Overall Score Ratio: 2.8
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