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Type of Program: Text-based tips saver utility
Supported Platforms: Win 95/98/NT
Authors Name: Jan Verhoeven
Price: Freeware
Installed Size: 461kb installed/229kb zipped


My first observation upon reviewing TIPS is that while it is touted as "freeware" upon viewing it at:

the author has seen it fit to shamefully Spam the client with a small pop-up screen that forces, yes...FORCES, the client to run off to one of her several internet sites to find a password.

So...OzNurse fires up the trusty old browser, waits to log in to his ISP, all the while wondering *why* he needs to do this, considering he just got *off* the internet to load this program! Nevertheless, he logs onto:

and begins his search for the elusive password. It is there on the first page, however you'll have to search through a drop-down menu to find it. Fortunately, OzNurse tends to read *everything*, and thus notices the 5-point font under the password box that reads:

click, scroll and use only the part after the :

How convenient.

Ok. Ok. I can hear you moaning already. Oh, no. Oz is going to tear some poor developer's program to bits again. *sigh. I'm not that bad.

Am I?

Oh well. Life is tough, as they say, and so are my reviews. I'll have only the very best for my customers here at SWJ! We have a reputation to uphold, you know.

Anyway, once old Oz made it through the trials and tribulations of actually *opening* the program, he was pleasantly surprised. Ok. Ok. I was critical. What can I say?

While the help file was a bit lean; Oz would have preferred a bit of a demonstration as to the basics of operating the application, it was informative enough to get you started. And really now, folks. If you can't maneuver your way around a windows GUI, you have no reason downloading shareware!

Once inside it took Oz very little time to be on his way, inserting tips, addresses and favorite URL's. The options we light but robust. You can change your font (ala the word processor) and even change the background of each tip, using a different color for each category for instance. I found the basic colors a bit weary on the eyes; too bright for this old man, but thankfully, you can easily tone them down via the "define custom colors" option. 

Overall, this looks to be a very simple, straightforward program, which in and of itself, gains high marks in the OzNurse's eyes. This reviewer is sick and tired of the overblown, multi-function, multi-application shareware programs that seem to be reproducing at an astounding rate all over the Internet. 

If I'm looking for a shareware program that performs one task, I *want* a shareware program that performs *that* task! Not five others as well!

This looks to be a keeper, although I'll do an *update* on this one later on in the year. Stay tuned.

Performance: So far, so good. .

User Friendly: Nice clean menu, although Jan has *got* to do something about those incomprehensible menu icons for the tips.

Ease of Installation: I don't appreciate having to go onto the internet to search for a password. If I want to go to her site to see more, I will!

Support: None that I could see in the help file or accompanying text files. However, I *suppose* the author's email address *could* be construed as an offer for support? 0 stars.

Help File: Minimal.

Overall Score Ratio: 1.8
Reviewed by OzNurse
This Just made it into the "I'll Pass" category, however, this really goes to show how accurate ratings really are. So, since TIPS *does* seem to have piqued my interest, and I *will* keep it for further evaluation, I will bump it up a notch into the gray haze that lies between "Thanks, I'll Pass" and "Hot Stuff". Could go either way in the updated review later this year. --OzNurse

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