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Type of Program: 3D Text Effects
Supported Platforms: Win 95/98/NT
Company Name: Electric rain
Version: 2.5
Price: $24.95 or approx 16.00 sterling (rates may vary)
Installed Size:


This program has class written all over it. FontFX has that classic mix that makes a program stand out, an easy to use wizard for beginners and an advanced mode for experienced users. 

It's a largish download (8.5mb) but its well worth it. FontFX is packed with features. The Express Interface (Wizard) is simplicity itself allowing the newest of newcomers to create stunning text effects without any difficulty. These effects can be static or animated. You get a choice of colours, styles, templates, backgrounds, bevel styles, true type fonts, lighting effects, extrusion options, shadow and a multitude of animation effects including animating individual letters. Most of these effects are attained by simple drag and drop actions which are explained in each window. I created the "Reviewed by Simon Baillie" animation after about 20 minutes use of this program.

I liked the option to go back and alter previous actions as well as the font view window which previews the font selected. Through most of the windows are buttons to alter the position of the text and to pan it in and out, it was all so easy. One tiny flaw was the animation window. The sliders for the time length and frames per second are positioned at the top and the animation options are underneath. My instinct was go top to bottom, ie set the time and frames first then pick the animation, this way produced no animation though the play button was lighting up. Pick the animation first and then the sliders go to default settings and the animation works fine, then you can adjust the sliders. I t might be an idea for the authors to reposition these. 

However having created your stunning masterpiece you can now save as BMP, GIF and JPG formats for web page design. Animation can be exported as AVI or GIF files, and Font FX 2.5 also allows EPS files to be imported and tweaked into 3D objects.. Now you've achieved that you will want to create your own from scratch. Switch to Main and take my advice, run the tutorial which you will find in the Help menu. It's very easy to follow and will set you up for creating some amazing effects. The help file is very clear and easy to understand and in Main mode you will need it from time to time for the amazing array of options and settings.which I don't have the space to go into here. The shareware version is 30 day time limited and doesn't include all of the animations, colours etc. It also puts awatermark on any creations but once purchased you get all that and there is a Customers Only page on the Erain site where you can download heaps more goodies including 300 more materials, 50 animation paths, 30 backdrops and new templates every two weeks.

This program is pure class and for an unbelievable $24.95 for the time being. You've got to buy it.

User Friendly:
Ease of Installation:
Support: Good Online and FAQs
Reviewed by Simon Baillie

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