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Reclip 2000

Type of Program: Clip board
Supported Platforms: Windows 9x/NT
Authors Name: Ragan Lockette
Version: 2.2
Price: $5
Installed Size: 900KB


If you do a lot of cutting and pasting in Windows applications, you'll know that the clipboard has a problem - it can only store one item. Wouldn't it be nice to keep more?

With Reclip 2000, you can. In fact, you can have up to 200. You not limited to plain text, either. If you can copy it to the clipboard, you can copy it to Reclip 2000, so that includes graphics and formatted text.

Other nice features include clickable URLs and thumb nailed images. I especially like the fact that you start the program, it will have the contents of when you last closed it. It's already saved me a lot of hassle. I'd class this program as a $5 life saver.

If you're a clipboard power user, then I'm sure you'll find this program useful.

User Friendly:
Ease of Installation:
Reviewed by Mike Hathaway
Payment Method: On-line, Check

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