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Type of Program: Graphics
Supported Platforms: Win 95/NT but I used Win 98 and it works fine
Authors Name: Owen F. Ransen
Version: V5
Price: $39.00 US
Installed Size: Downloaded size 700 KB


Repligator V5 is a fascinating graphics F/X program that is easy to use and produces some fantastic results by simply keyboarding F7 on your keyboard. You simply chose your desired image (or get some great results with text too) and by keyboarding F7 repeatedly, you can generate a whole series of effects. If you desire, you may fine tune the image, also with a single keystroke!

You can also surround the image with art or design by using the "vignette" effect. This makes for a multitude of interesting possibilities as I experimented with the program, and my mind's eye can see many more. The "demo" version gives you ample effects to play around with and the purchased program offers even more. The demo does, however, put a "evaluation" mark on each image so you really cannot use the images you make without purchasing and registering. All in all, for a measly $39 US, you can have a great little graphics tool either for creating web page graphics or as I sometimes do, just to play around with and see what I can come up with.

Repligator is suitable for both novice and experienced graphics designers. The results look very professional and even the most inexperienced designer can produce fantastic results the first time they use the program. The program is an executable file and installs easily. Support is ample, either with the tutorials or via email. Give this one a is well worth the small expense.

User Friendly:
Ease of Installation:
Reviewed by Louise Wilson

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