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Xteq X-Setup

Type of Program: Windows Tweak Tool
Supported Platforms: Windows 95/98/NT/2000
Company Name: Xteq
Version: 5.5 (
Price: Free
Installed Size: 3.70MB


There are a lot of ways to customize Windows, from how it boots, to how it shut downs, via things like animation effects and memory management. Sadly, Microsoft didn't make it easy for you to make these changes, many of which involve hacking the registry - a very dangerous past time.

Luckily, Xteq X-Setup helps you out here. There's a big list of things it can do, far too many to list here. I will say though, that if you want to have a go at changing things on you system, like color scheme of the "Blue Screen Of Death", this program is a life (and sanity) saver. It has tweaks for other programs like Netscape, Office 2000, Delphi and even Age of Empires. It even has a number of excellent wizards to step you through you system tweaking.

There are other tweak tools available, but I've not seen one better than this, and definitely not for free.

User Friendly:
Ease of Installation:
Reviewed by Mike Hathaway

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