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Animated Screensaver

Type of program: Utility
Supported platforms: Win 95/98
Company name: PY Software Inc.
Authors e-mail address:
Version: 2.23
Cost: $29
Installed size: 1961 KB


Animated Screensaver allows you to create Windows screen savers, stand alone presentations, and animated gifs to give away or publish at your Web site. You can also use Animated Screen to start your own screen saver business, selling shareware screen savers, with your company or you listed as the author.There are no distribution fees and, as an Animated Screen owner, you can distribute the animations that you create in unlimited quantities, royalty-free.

This program allows you to combine an unlimited number of wavs, pictures and text. With words you can determine the fonts, color and background color. With sounds you can use pre-recorded wavs or midis, or you can use your microphone to create whatever you want. When working with pictures, you can place multiple images on each screen, and determine how the images come and go, using both fixed and random placement as well as special effects such as bouncing images off the screen's borders, dropping images like raindrops, or creating fascinating star-and- meteor effects. You will be limited to working with .bmp .gif or .jpg but thatís ok, thatís enough, isnít it?

Animated Screen Savers will not only compress your creation so it can be sent via the internet, it can also be set up as a self-extracting files that will automatically install your screen saver in the windows system folder, and set them up as screen savers. Iíve always been annoyed about screen savers that need to be manually carried to the correct directory, or changed from one format to another, maybe itís a little thing, but if itís such a little thing then the software should do it.

You have 30 days to try this program, then you need to register it. A limited license cost $29, you can create animated gifs and avis. If you want to create screen savers, and sell them, you will need an Animated Screen Home license, which is $49 [or $29 with educational discount]-you will be able to sell you creations, but under the settings box PY Software will be listed as the author. If you get a commercial license, which is $99 [or $49 with educational discount] you or your company will be listed as author, and you can create shareware screen savers with shareware reminders, registration names and registration keys that allow users to register your screen savers with your company. And educational discount is offered to students, faculty members or staff members of an educational institution (K-12, junior college, college or university). Sound confusing? Thatís why Iím not even getting into the site commercial license-I have to leave something for you to read!

As far as the program goes-LORD is it complicated! but it looks like fun. Besides we all know that Iím utility challenged, so download it and check it out, if you donít like it, just get rid of it. if you do, well, I told you so.

Ease of Installation:
Reviewed by Stormy Strock

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