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Happy Note

Type of program: Educational [music]
Supported platforms: Win 95/98/NT
Author's name: Pascal Riben
Authors e-mail address:
Version: 1.1
Cost: $17.95
Installed size: 1895


There is a note in the help files that the help document was translated from French. Thanks you god, and Laurent Cartayrade. 

Basically this is a game-but it's one of them sneaky games-DO NOT tell the kids they're learning something. There are 3 speeds, slow-adagio; moderate-moderato; and fast-allegro. [see all this learning will sneak up-watch out!] No matter what your choice is though, as you get points, the game will speed up. You can also configure how many lives you have, [up to 9] how long to play, and points [beginners can start out with some free points-yea my kind of game!] There are also 2 modes, beginner, and expert. 

You have missiles, and the idea is to blow up notes. I found the rules a little hard to understand, however, I have a confession to make. On both the accordion and the keyboard I have taught myself to play [both hand] The Blue Danube Waltz. Since I can't read music, and the only thing I remember is "Every Good Boy Does Fine" [and Good Boys Do Fine Always] I'm a real pain to be around while learning. I pick out the notes in the chord, then play it till memorized. Then I do the same with the second chord, THEN I play the 2 of them together "da-da" till I have that memorized. Once I got about a dozen chords into the song-I liked to drive my aunt and mother CRAZY. Anyway, this might be why the rules seem a little difficult to me.

Like everything else, it's much easier to go play it. You must shoot the note, but it doesn't count unless you have the right note listed on top your gun! The arrow keys move the note letters up and down, and slide your gun from side to side, so you can shoot faster, rather than waiting. If you are wrong, your missile will bounce off the back wall, and kill you!

The shareware version of this program only allows you to play with 5 notes, the registered version gives you 12 extra notes for a total of 17. Also the registered version will give you free and unlimited technical and musical support, free upgrades, and 6 more styles of background music to choose from [pop, folk, jazz, techno, Action movie, and ragtime].

The price of registering this program, [I'm sorry, this was so complete-it tickled me, so I had to copy it exact] the cost is 17.95 US dollars - 26.5 Australian dollars - 27 Canadian dollars - 5,290 Greek drachmas - 16.95 Euros - 650 Belgian francs - 650 Luxembourg francs - 26.5 Swiss francs - 36 Dutch guilders - 30,900 Italian liras - 11 British pounds - 13 Irish pounds - 32 German marks - 2,690 Spanish pesetas - 192 Mexico pesos - 2,090 Japanese yens. [I know, I know, more than you ever wanted to know, right?]

Ease of Installation:
Sound & graphics:
Reviewed by Stormy Strock

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