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Hot Dog Professional

Type of Program: HTML Editor
Supported Platforms: Windows 95/98 /NT
Company Name: Sausage Software
Version: 5.5
Price: $129.95-$199.95, depending on the version purchased.
Installed Size: 9 MB +


OK, so I don't like HTML editors. The Hot Dog Professional 5.5 Webmaster Suite might, with some practice on my part, change my mind!

The Hot Dog Professional 5.5 Webmaster Suite is not just an HTML editor, but includes partner applications like Linkbot and Paint Shop Pro 4.14. Actually, I can't think of much that is involved with website creation and management that Hot Dog Pro doesn't do. It has an FTP included, which (unlike other programs I've tested) is FAST. Hot Dog Pro allows you to connect to a website, work on the HTML, and save the HTML directly to the site. The HTML 4.0 reference manual is included, as well as 17 "Super Toolz" (including an image mapper, java script tools, table creator, etc.). No coffeemaker yet, but I think it's probably coming!

The stand alone version of Hot Dog Pro 5.5 is cheaper ($129.95 U.S.), but the Webmaster Suite version, although $70 U.S. more expensive, is well worth the extra cost. (The standalone version does not include the "Super Toolz" or partner applications, although they can be purchased separately at a future date). The program has an automatic download/install feature for the "Super Toolz" and partner applications you can add to Hot Dog Pro (like java text effects, image lab, image mapper, etc.), which works through a wizard interface. The wizard is easy to follow and even asks you if you want it to delete the install file to save hard drive space!

This is THE HTML EDITOR for me. For those serious about webpage creation and maintenance, give it a try! The trial version is completely functional for 30 days. By then, you'll be hooked! (Hot Dog Pro's customer service seems very good, too. I e-mailed four times with questions and always got a prompt, helpful response).

User Friendly
Ease of Installation
Reviewed by Angelene

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