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LockDown 2000

Type of Program: Anti Hacker/Trojan
Supported Platforms: Win 95/98/2000/NT
Company Name: LockDown 2000
Version: 4.0
Price: $99
Installed Size: 2mb


I thought long and hard about reviewing this because I already had an excellent Anti Hacker program and I was reluctant to uninstall that in order to run LockDown 2000. However being a brave chappie I said "Knickers to it, I'll give it a go". My fears were unfounded.

LockDown 2000 really secures your computer against hackers. It also includes a Trojan scanner in case you are foolish enough to say, open e-mail attachments without checking them first. The Trojan scanner can be set to scan in the background, constantly checking for the little devils. LockDown 2000 uses a generic engine that scans the registry, win.ini, sys.ini, config.sys and autoexec.bat for any changes and trust me it works. If you install a new program LockDown 2000 will alert you of the change audibly and pop up a window to show you exactly what changes have been made whilst giving you the opportunity to undo the change or keep it. If you just ran a game or a small utility, and it installed a Trojan program that starts up every time you start up windows, it would be detected. There is also a manual Trojan detection scanner.

All excellent so far but what you really want is to stop the hacker getting in and yes LockDown 2000 does that effectively. As the rule of Murphys' Law would have it I have suffered no attacks over the past few days so there I was praying for a hacker attack and nothing, perhaps they knew I had LockDown 2000 and it wasn't worth trying. No problem, there are sites where you can test your computers' security. The one I used was This site simulates hacker attacks and posts results immediately with advice.

Before I give you the results let me tell you that with my usual anti hacker program you have to go through a bit of a long winded process of doing Whois, trace route, translating the log file and finally e-mailing the hackers ISP. It means opening, running, closing and copying and pasting from several programs. OK back to the results, I started the security test and Lockdown 2000 immediately sprang into action. Off went the siren, up popped a window telling me what was happening and an instant traceroute was done and a log created. This is what you get in the log

[09/12/1999 01:08:47] Incoming nuke attempt from IP Address:

[09/12/1999 01:08:47] WinNuke Attempt on Port 139 Intercepted by LockDown

[09/12/1999 01:08:47] Log auto-saved to: 12091999.LOG

[09/12/1999 01:08:47] Attempting to trace hacker's connection... Please
stand by...

[09/12/1999 01:08:48] =[Trace Route]=============================

[09/12/1999 01:08:48] 09/12/1999 01:08:48-[From]-

[09/12/1999 01:08:53] =>

[09/12/1999 01:08:53] =>

[09/12/1999 01:08:53] =>

[09/12/1999 01:08:53] =>

[09/12/1999 01:08:53] =>

[09/12/1999 01:08:53] =========================================

Brilliant!! You'll notice the whole process from attack to traceroute result only took 6 seconds. Now you can use LockDown 2000s' built in Whois facility (with a choice of Whois servers) and get the hackers ISP, e-mail address and the e-mail address of the ISPs ISP and send off a copy of the log to them which should result in action being taken.. The test result reported triumphantly that Port 139 was open and then had to rather sheepishly admit it couldn't get in. There is also a built in manual Traceroute facility should you wish to use it. 

Other features include Update, Disconnect options, IP filter options and level of Hacker Detection options. I liked the option to detect attempts to crash ICQ as I am a regular ICQ user. I would suggest you visit the LockDown 2000 site at for detailed descriptions of the above options as it would take me far too long here..

This is a "must have" program for your own security and the chance to get some of these pathetic people off the net. If you don't get this program you'll only have yourself to blame the next time you have to do a complete reformat.

User Friendly:
Cost: (Considering the protection offered)
Ease of Installation:
Reviewed by Simon Baillie

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