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Type of Program: Email
Supported Platforms: Win/Dos/Mac
Authors Name: David Harris
Version: 3.12b
Price: Free. Manuals may be ordered. 
Installed Size: 2.34 MB


The installation of this program is really intuative. It asks you about place of the program and the mail folder, then walks you through the setting up of your email account. In my experience (5+ years) with this program it is probably best if you pick the defaults for the folders (C:\PMAIL) though changing the drive is ok, best to pick the PMAIL folder, and for your mail folder pick the default here too (C:\PMAIL\MAIL).

Now, what to say about this program. Well first of all, lets talk about who should be using it. That brings in my darling wife. When I went on the road this past month we figured it was time she learned how to email. I set up both Outlook Express and Pegasus to see which one she found easier to use. She picked Pegasus.

Now for the advanced user. Hands down this program will do more things than ANY email program, they include, mailing list management, and scripting. Also it does mail filtering plus quick copy/move of messages.

Another really nice feature is multiple identities. This means that you can be lots of different people, use different signatures for each one, plus use different email servers for each one.

You can also do selective mail download to check for spam.

Is there anything this program doesn't do? The answer is a resounding NO. If it has to do with email this program does it.

Also if you ever need help with Pegasus the people that hang out on the newsgroup will help you out quicker than two shakes of a lambs tail. They (David Harris and team) are always improving the program too

Editors Note: The way you can help keep Pegasus going is to buy a manual.

User Friendly:
Ease of Installation:
Reviewed by Joe Tex

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