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Type of Program: Website Promotion Tool
Supported Platforms: Win 95/98
Company Name: InterLyn Communications
Version: 3.0.5
Price: US$ 39.95
Installed Size: 4MB


Producing high quality web sites these days is getting more and more easy thanks to programs like SignPoster3.

Once you've produced your stunning masterpiece and uploaded it and sat there waiting for the world to come rushing to your site, you suddenly realize that no one is. This is where SignPoster3 comes to your rescue. 99% of search engines do 'Meta' searches, that is they look for meta tags on your pages which contain relevant keywords pertaining to your site and for 'doorway' pages which contain the same sort of information and auto redirect to your sites' main page or page you have nominated, without those your site is sitting in cyberspace and getting suicidal because nobody is calling.

SignPoster3 has some neat gizmos to help get your site noticed. Firstly there is a create Meta-tags facility which will help you through the process and build the HTML for you and all you have to do then is copy and paste into your pages. So there you are with a warm glow all smug after creating your Meta-tags and still nobody calling. You have to do the Meta-tags right and SignPoster3 can help. Just ask it to analyze your pages and back it comes with a report that takes the smug grin off your face. I got "Description too short, irrelevant keywords and no meta-tag at all". So, having corrected that and the analyzer says everything is tickety boo, now what? Well a really good way to make sure your site is searchable is to have signpost (doorway) pages, search engines like those. SignPoster3 does that as well. I t will look at your now perfect meta-tags and create a signpost for you for each page you tell it to.

Right, you've got your meta-tags and your signposts, all perfect thanks to SignPoster3, now what? Well you need to submit the signposts to search engines. Yes you've guessed it, SignPoster3 does that too. All you have to do is use the Autosignpost and it will upload the signposts to your site and then submit them to 14 of the major search engines on the net. Now you can sit back and wait for the visitors to flood in. Well not quite just yet. SignPoster3 has done it's job but you need to tell the world that it's there. There is a button marked "Other ways to promote your site" click on that and up comes a list of links to sites that can help you tell the world your site has arrived. All in all a very neat and comprehensive program with a good and clear help file that will make a difference to how your site performs.

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Reviewed by Simon Baillie

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