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Name of the Program: Webcelerator
Type of Program: Browser accelerator
Supported Platforms: Win 95/98/NT
Company Name: Acceleration Software
Price: Free
Installed Size: 4mb


Another free goodie from Acceleration Software. Webcelerator speeds up your Internet browsing dramatically.

I already have what is accepted as the best accelerator that's available so it was with an attitude of " I might as well try it anyway" that I downloaded it. A good word to sum up Webcelerator is "Whooooosh!!!". After surfing for a bit and going back to surfed pages a very impressive speed increase. It's certainly equal to my regular accelerator.

Just look at all this you get for free. 
* Prefetcher: retrieves new pages while you are reading the current one so the next page is there instantly 
* Show and Verify: instantly displays pages from the cache and then checks for changes 
* Updater: updates your most frequently visited pages so you don't have to wait 
* Offline Browsing: allows you to visit any site in the cache without being online 
* 'Net Butler: patiently downloads files until they are completely downloaded, includes resume capability! 
* TCP/IP Optimizer: sets MaxMTU for the best Internet performance 
* Customizable: the behavior of Webcelerator is customizable for each URL
* Smart back off: automatically stops using bandwidth when it detects user activity 
* Installer/Uninstaller: easy to use with no confusing settings

Well I say free but there's no such thing as a free lunch. It certainly costs no money but it insists on setting your homepage to as a price. If you don't mind the choice of homepage it's well worth having. It's unobtrusive, it only shows a tray icon, and does dramatically speed up browsing. 

If you haven't used an accelerator before prepare to be astounded.

User Friendly:
Cost: Free
Ease of Installation:
Reviewed by Simon Baillie

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