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Type of program: Desktop enhancement
Supported platforms: Win 95, 98, NT
Authors name: Rick Jansen
Price: $10 US
Installed size: 548KB


Did you know that Hana-mi is Japanese for "flower viewing?" Neither did I until I took a little trip to Japan this evening. Each April a festival attracts people to local parks to enjoy watching falling cherry blossoms.

Hanami, the software, is an interesting little desktop enhancement that adds a touch of spring to your desktop. Before I really investigated the program, poking into all the corners and crevices, I thought Hanami was going to be another cute but simple program. I discovered however, that a lot of work and effort went into this one.

With a large variety of controls, you can have cherry blossoms falling all over your desktop. A click of the mouse on an icon conveniently located on your taskbar, turns the flowers on and off and gets you quickly to the main controls. You receive 2 versions to choose from, depending on how many colors your system supports. You control flower color, direction, speed and the amount of flowers. Also there are numerous "wind" controls, more than I thought would be possible for a program of this size. Do you prefer flowers to fall behind your windows or to land on top of them? Do you want the blossoms to build up at the bottom of your screen? This is NOT a screensaver but works independently of it.

For $10, you get a registration key that allows you free updates and a larger variety of flowers. The program is fully functional however, even without registering. There is a nag screen that appears when you start the program. For a flower lover and a lover of beauty in general, this program is well worth the small cost. The work involved in creating this software is unbelievable and the author should be compensated for his work. The only drawback is that the program has no support options. However, the online help file is jam packed full of directions and instructions. For questions while in the control panel, just right click on each individual control.

For something really different to keep you smiling while working, download and register Hanami. It is well worth it.

User Friendly:
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You can order Hanami via of Kagi, a payment processing service. Also, you can email, print order form and send credit card information, check, money order, etc., via snail mail or fax, or register on the Kagi web page.

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