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Super Mind Power

Type of Program: Self Learning (Memory)
Supported Platforms: Win95/Win98
Company Name: Leadership Software Corp.
Version: 1.3a
Price: $49.95 (SALE)
Installed Size: 2.69 MB


"At last! PC software to give you a steel-trap memory! Harry Lorayne, the world's leading expert on memory training, gives you his famous series of memory and mind training courses. You quickly emerge with a trained memory, fully able to remember any name, any face, any fact, any number, anything of importance, to help you succeed." After trying this program, I (the reviewer), had memorized fifteen random words forward and backward in seven minutes. Keep in mind that this program uses elementary graphics, but works great. This is an incredible program, one that stuck in my memory long after downloading.

User Friendly:
Ease of Installation:
Reviewed by David P.

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