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Web Creator

Type of Program: Internet Web Creation
Supported Platforms: WIN95 and NT (but worked fine with my WIN98)
Company Name: EvgeSoft
Version: 1.1
Price: $19.00 US?? ( one page on website listed price as $39.95 US)
Installed Size:1221KB


This program was a disappointment from the first mouse click.

There is a 17 day trial period from the first use and after that, you must register it or remove it from your system. The "HELP" files are brief and incomplete and of very little help. Most of the functions had to be discovered through trial and error. Considering the simplicity of the program however, this was not much of a problem.

The "Button Creator" is just that, a button creator. The choices of button shapes are very limited. The only style worth pursuing is "Clip Art." The few shapes and designs offered are actually quite nice. More styles are available for "free" once registered but it is hard to get to that point. The buttons are created using the standard fonts, background and text colors.

The "Labels" are uninspired bars of colored text. The "shadow and border" options are not worth pursuing.

The finished product IS easy to "export" in GIF, JPG or BMP forms.

The support and question issues may be addressed at a snail mail address in Russia. The homepage URL, when I tried to access it, returned "unknown host."

I have seen and currently use several "freeware" programs that are much better than this one. Unfortunately, I will have no problem removing WebCreator from my system within the 17 day trial period.

User friendly:
Ease of installation:
Reviewed by Louise Wilson

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