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Type of Program: Graphics filters
Supported Platforms: Win95/98/NT, PowerPC Mac
Company Name: Alien Skin Software, LLC.
Version: 1.0
Price: $129.00
Installed Size: 1K


Okay, Xenofex isn't shareware, literally. But believe me....for what you get in this program, and the low comparative price, it might as well be! (You get not only the filters, but they've even included PaintShop Pro 4.14, as a bonus.) If you've used Eye Candy, also by Alien Skin, you'll recognize the interface immediately. If you haven't, you'll have no problems at all figuring out how to use it.

And what FUN you'll have using it! I've been playing with the filters for 4 days now, and am still fascinated by the effects. Even a beginner can create scary lightning storms, parched earth, crumpled paper effects, clouds of just about any type you can name, paper stains, etc. There are 16 filters included, each with a differing effect, and over 160 presets. And, to go Eye Candy one better, Alien Skin has also included the capability of saving or deleting your own pre-sets.

If you don't have Eye Candy, I highly recommend you purchase it first, simply because it has filters that no graphics designer should be without. But THEN -- buy this one, folks. It's well worth your money.

May be purchased through retailers, or on-line using a major credit card. Compatible with PhotoShop 3.04 or later, Paint Shop Pro 4.12 or later, Corel Photo-Paint 8, and other graphics programs.

User Friendly
Ease of Installation
Reviewed by PJ List

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