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Create 'n' Distribute Screensavers

Type of program: Screensaver tool   
Supported platforms: Win95/98/NT
Company name: Softdd
Version: 2.0
Price: $89.95 US
Installed Size: 600K


I was thrilled to find another screensaver creation program to review (one of my favorites) so I jumped right into this one!! This is a fantastic little program for creating "commercial" screensavers or for those of us who just want an easy to use program. You use your own photos (I used graphics too) and sounds to make outstanding screensavers.

Your creations are "royalty free" and password protected. You do not need to download any additional run-time files, something that always bothers me to have to do. After creating your screensaver, all you need to do is ZIP it up and send it off. The recipient of the screensaver may customize the finished product in a variety of ways. They can turn the sound on and off (important in my book), change the time delay between photos, create slide shows, tile.....and other functions that I personally, would love to have under my control.

The cost of $89.95 may be a bit pricey for some who just want to create screensavers for their own personal use. If so, Softdd offers another nifty screensaver creator called "A+ Screensaver Creator." This is only $14.95 and does an equally good job. (Louise, the screensaver queen has tried this one too.) But for someone like me, who has ambitions of getting into the graphic and web design business, it is great and well worth the investment. The screensavers also would make a fantastic advertising tool!! It seems like everyone loves screensavers and as easy as this program is to use, you could make a professional product to distribute as an advertisement or even to offer as a "gift with purchase." Also, making custom screensavers is another money making idea. So in my book, the $89.95 is a fair price all considered.

Give this one a try if you want to go "one step farther." The payment methods are diverse and since I have had contact with this company before, I can recommend Softdd with complete confidence.

User friendly:
Ease of installation:
Reviewed by Louise Wilson

Payment options are varied-check, money order, credit card, fax or toll free phone call. The program is so easy to use that the help files are almost unnecessary. Support is via email.

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