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Type of Program: FTP Client
Supported Platforms: Windows 95/98/NT
Author's Name: Hsiangwen Sean Hu
Version: 1999-01-22
Price: Free
Installed Size: 1 MB


Cupertino is a full featured FTP client with a feature I haven't seen in other FTP programs it lets you copy and move files and folders from one ftp to another ftp. It's features include Copy or Move between FTP servers, within same FTP server, and between FTP server and local drive. You can also Copy, Move, and Delete multiple items including directories. It also supports Drag and Drop. It will also let you use your keyboard instead of a mouse or other pointing device to perform all operations.

This program has all the standard functions of other FTP programs including ability to have site folders, ability to save site, connect, disconnect, transfer as ascii, transfer as binary, auto transfer as ascii or binary (by extensions which you can add too), and so on. The View menus are pretty extensive including folder tree, folder content, ftp log, sort by name, modified time, or size, refresh local folder, refresh remote folder, and more.

All in all this is a pretty nice program with an easy to use interface. It will definitely save time for copy web sites to those mirror sites. I didn't see any retry if you get disconnected or can't connect but I don't think it will be missed much. I can hardly believe it is free. I recommend you try it out because it is most certainly one of those "too good to be true" programs.

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Reviewed by Zonia Heath -

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