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Easy ASP

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Type of Program: Html Editor
Supported Platforms: Windows 95/98/NT
Author's Name: Eric Banker
Version: 3.1.7 Beta
Price: $20.00 donation
Installed Size: 1.39MB


Easy ASP is an html editor with a lot of features. I reviewed this program a couple of months ago but the author has made a lot of changes so it needs to reviewed again. Besides being an html editor it is also an editor for ASP, Perl, and Java. It comes with built-in scripts. Most jobs can be done using the vast amount of templates and wizards that are part of this program. There is also an ftp client and browser (must have IE4 installed) built it. The author added a database viewer and a wizard to work with and add code for access 95 and 97 ODBC. It also has a brand new look. It is a powerful website creator with many features.

Features include toolbars, wizards, multiple document interface, project viewer, print current pages, built in scripts, tag menus, color coding, file compare, and the ability to view .jpg, .gif, and .bmp without opening an external graphics program to name a few. The toolbars include HTML, Fonts, Frames, Forms, Tables, Lists, ASP, and Java all will add code with one click of a button. There is a side toolbar with buttons for Open Text File, View Database Information, Scan Files, Compare Files, Clean HTML Code, Open/Close Special Characters, Insert ActiveX Controls, Insert Plug-Ins, Java Script, and No Script Tags.

The Java Scripts included are Browser Check, Highlight Buttons, Current URL, Browser Name, Last Modified, Counter, Color Changer, Alarm Message, Confirm Message, and Form Banner. There are too many wizards, templates, and features to list them all so you will just have to download it and see for yourself. The program is still free but there is now a registration screen when you start the program. In other words the author does not really require you to register the program but if he is going to continue to improve it he needs people to register it. The price is low for such a powerful program so please do the right thing and register it..

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Reviewed by Zonia Heath -

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