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Elliott's Get the Picture

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Type of Program:Graphics Organizer and Slide Show Designer
Supported Platforms: Win95
Authors Name: Elliott Shevin
Version: 3.0c
Price: $20.00
Installed Size: 5876kb


Get the picture is a must for everybody, no matter what career field: retiree, unemployed, student, crafter, EVERYBODY!! This program not only organizes your graphics, it finds them for you no matter where they are! You can sort and assign them to categories (themes, subject,etc.) and move them around wherever you want them. You can make them into pages and then put together a slide show, (a presentation, scrapbook, photo album, or almost anything you can imagine) and you can add sounds, effects and captioning for a truly personal touch.

I started out with a scrapbook dedicated to my niece and progressed to an online catalog of my auctions and another of my gift shop product line. By using the Portable Slide Show Player that comes with Get the Picture, you can take yourself everywhere there is a computer. I suggested it to a friend who wanted to really jazz up her e-resume, and to several students who use electronic presentations for school projects. It would be great to use in a retail environment to introduce special products, etc., and certainly in a "traveling" sales environment to give attention grabbing presentations.

The program is really too fantastic to give it it's due in a review so I strongly suggest that you download the program for the 30 day evaluation period and see if you don't agree that you can't live without it!

User Friendly:
Ease of Installation:
Reviewed by Beth Stoudenmire

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