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Email Remover

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Type of Program: Email
Supported platforms: Win95/98 WinNT
Authors Name: Victor Javier
Version: 2.4
Price: Free
Installed Size: 460 kbs


If you are bothered by Spam and unwanted emails, this is the program for you! You can check emails while still on your server before you download them. It supports multiple email accounts. I found it very useful for deleting unwanted attachments. It has saved me time and energy! It's a very small application well worth the download!

User Friendly: (VERY easy to install and setup)
Cost: (I don't think taking five mins to register is out of the question for this program *smiles*)
Ease of installation: VERY easy
Support: ( The author has set up a very good help and history file)
Reviewed by Angel
Purchase Info: It is a free program, but the author kindly asks for you to register.

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