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ICQ Plus

Type of Program: ICQ Add-on
Supported Platforms: Win95/98
Authors Name Vadim Eremeev
Version: beta
Price: free
Installed Size: 1.5mb


I think this program is a really cool add-on to ICQ. It uses skins that decorate the ICQ box in different ways, it makes it a personal picture frame. I put up family pictures on my skin, I also downloaded a few great ones from the site.

This program includes a ICQ skin editor and creator so you can customize edit and make your own, that you can then upload to various sites if you like, I passed a few around to friends.

For a beta I haven't found any major bugs. I did however find out that the skins you make yourself work better if you use a certain size GIF or JPG. This is a must have...

User Friendly
Ease of Installation
Reviewed by Juanita

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