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Image 3D

Type of Program: Java Applet
Supported Platforms: Any - Runs under Explorer and Netscape
Authors Name: Lawrence Goetz
Version: 1.1
Price: $5 for the Deluxe version
Installed Size: 33K


A nice little applet to allow any image to be rotated in all three dimensions, of which it does a very good job. It is fast to load and run, and worked well for me using a variety of images including transparent gif's. The only small criticism is the when you ask for a 'z' axis rotation (that is the one spinning in a circle as you look at it around a center point), the colors are changed. Very annoying if it is to be used for a company logo as you would loose corporate color schemes. Well worth a download as you have nothing to loose with its compact size except that unless you pay $5 for the registered deluxe version you will get an 'About' box appear if you hover over the rotating image.

User Friendly
Ease of Installation
Reviewed by Peter Baldwin

To buy this product simply go to the authors Web Site, it has all of the necessary information.

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