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Internet Firewall 2000 For Personal Computers

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Type of Program: Internet Utility
Supported Platforms: Win 95/98 & NT
Company Name: Digital Robotics Inc.
Version: 1.2
Price: $39.95
Installed Size: 1237k


Internet Firewall 2000 For Personal Computers is a very nice utility for protecting yourself from those infamous malicious backdoor Internet attacks. If you have ever been the subject of an attack or have ever worried about it then this is probably the product for you. It was very easy to install, and before I knew it I was rebooted and online. I found the help file a little disappointing, as there really is scant information here, but I am sure that this is an area that will be improved in the future.

I have had a few things happen whilst I have been running IFW2000, and these are, in no particular order, the inability to log onto the host server, as the port was blocked. I do not know if this is attributable to IFW2000, but it certainly has never happened before. I had a warning come up whilst synchronizing email that an unauthorized access to a memory location was attempted, and after accepting this warning about 50 times, my system crashed.

I feel somehow more secure with IFW2000 running, and maybe this is half of the battle won. With technology racing ahead at terrifying speeds, it is nice to know that someone has sat down and though of the home user for a change, and thought of a simple to use utility to protect yourself from those who possess the knowledge to make your day a bad one.

To end with, IFW2000 is a 15 day limited trial with a little nag screen each time you boot until registered, and the $39.95 price tag is a fair one for peace of mind. There is a very nice 'Lock Desktop' utility which once activated, if someone tries to get in will play a loud siren until you return and put your password in. Online Virus Scanning is also another nice feature for those without virus protection, along with a dedicated web page for security updates.

User Friendly
Ease of Installation
Reviewed by Peter Baldwin

IFW2000 can be purchased directly and securely from Digital Robotics Inc. own web site, and the entry of a simple key will unlock the program and register it.

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