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Type of Program: Educational, Electronics
Supported Platforms: Win3.1, Win32
Company/Authors Name: Rothsoft / WoermelTech
Version: 2.4
Price: $29.00
Installed Size: 4 MB


LoKon is an excellent program for building and testing electronic circuits. With it, you can build circuits right on your computer screen!

Here is how it works: You start off with an empty board. Choose and place whatever elements you want from LoKons element files, and even create new elements for it. Place the elements on the board, connect them, and then debug and test them with the built in oscilloscopes and a simulation option.

LoKon offers easy drag and drop element and connection placement, and an easy to use toolbar. Also, you can save and print your circuits.

For the advanced electronics professional, or the serious beginner, LoKon allows quick and easy creation of circuits and elements right on your computer screen. No more wasted circuits & circuit boards! Save time, money, and solder.....try LoKon today!

User Friendly:
Ease of installation:
Reviewed by Mark Saarinen

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