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Platypus Animator

Type of Program: Animation Utility
Supported Platforms: Win 95/98   
Company Name: C Point Pty Ltd.
Version: 2.5
Price: $20 US
Installed Size: 696K


I LOVE animations and I PARTICULARLY love animation programs!! There is something about creating a moving object that appeals to me. Web pages are can use your imagination there. But an animation requires your creative juices to be flowing full blast!! I guess with feelings like that, I was bound to become a Shareware Junkie sooner or later! Platypus, originally a part of another more in depth program, is now being offered on its own. It only took a few minutes to download which made me wonder if this software was worth while. I guess I still erroneously associate a "good" program with a program that takes a long time to download. This, I am finding, is not always true. However, my doubts quickly vanished. Platypus, for a program it's size, does a remarkable animation job. I experimented with the "moon" graphics that they include with the program and was very much impressed. The whole thing took just a few minutes and looks very professional. The online support could be more detailed. Only by trying the provided moon graphics was I able to figure out the program. But now I have that down pat! You have your choice of background colors and may import your own images. You simply put them in proper order, add sound if you like, adjust speed and a few other features and .......animation completed! Platypus installed quickly and easily and the cost is not unreasonable for the product. Support for those of us living in the US or Canada will have to be via email as the company is located in Australia. The phone and mail options are not practical for us. You may use secure online ordering or send a check or money order in payment, once again to Australia. You may also join a mailing list to receive product updates and information regarding new products. Give this one a try if you enjoy animation programs that are easy to do and look good. I am going to keep busy with this one for quite a while.

User friendly:
Ease of Installation:
Reviewed by Louise Wilson

Payment via secure online ordering or check/money order to Australia.

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