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Data Fellows Screen Saver

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Type of Program: Screensaver
Supported Platforms:Windows
Company Name: Data Fellows & RISS
Installed Size:224k


This Screensaver is both fun and educational. There are some really nice graphics which is to be expected coming from RISS, the developers of "Hey Macaroni" and many other famous screensavers.

But the message is what is important. This screensaver will keep you Virus aware all the time. Every time it is run you will get more information about viruses and what they do. Not only that but answers to common questions asked about viruses.

I can see a real future in this screensaver not only for the home user but for companies that want to keep their employees Virus aware.

In conclusion I heartily recommend this screensaver for both it's entertainment value and more importantly for it's educational benefits.

User Friendly:
Ease of Installation:
Reviewed by Jason De Groot

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