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Internet Graphics Finder

Type of program: Graphics Utility
Supported platforms: Win 95, 98, NT
Company Name: SkibbySoft
Version: 3.0
Price: $19.95 US
Installed size: 7812K


Another "must have" program for graphic junkies like myself! Ever been looking for a specific graphic and you seem to find everything but? Well, Internet Graphics Finder, hereafter known as IGF, is a handy little tool for finding that perfect image you are looking for. Instead of using a search engine that gives you a long list of graphic sites, IGF helps you "find, extract, print and view" innumerable graphics found on the WWW!! It utilizes 3 top search engines via keyword. The program supports GIF, JPG and BMP formats and requires MSVBM50.DLL. I already had this-being an avid internet surfer/downloader-but it you do not, it is available on the SkibbySoft site. The program also supports animation. The program does NOT disable after the trial period. It is up to you to pay the fee and register it. Some functions are not available until you do however, such as the ability to print what you find.

IGF creates a desktop thumbnail art gallery. Click on these to view a full size image. Online support is easy to understand and additional tech support is available via email. One thing, the software does require a MS32bit OS. Also, there is no "parental control" function yet so beware.....your children can access and print ANYTHING they find on the Internet. For graphic lovers like myself, this little gem is an invaluable addition to your "bag of tricks" and I strongly recommend trying this one out. Be prepared however, to purchase a larger hard drive or ZIP drive to store all those wonderful graphics and animations you'll find!!

Have fun!

User friendly:
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Reviewed by Louise Wilson

IGF may be purchased via phone, fax or through a secure online ordering service. If you don't like those options, good old fashioned snail mail works too, using all major credit cards, check or money order.

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