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Type of Program: Utilities
Supported Platforms: Windows 95/98/NT
Company Name: Multi System Launch
Version: 1.35
Price: Free
Installed Size: 1.61MB


MiniApps is just that a group of 25 small applications. The applications are Alarm Clock, AttriBat, AlphaBook, BlockIt, Stay OnTop Text, US and Country area codes, Calculator, Calendar, Calendar2, Color Converter, Change Video resolution, Drive Info, File Inventory, IcoViewer, IcViewer, LFN Backup and Restore, Make Shortcut, Move, MyNotes, Notes Lite, OCX Fix, AlphaSort, Resource Meter and Resource Monitor, SubInfo, Win98 Config, and Task Scheduler.

Most of the application name are self explanatory however there may be a few that are not. I will list the authors description of some of the items that may not be however you can get a list and description of most all of them on the author's homepage. AlphaBook, keep your notes indexed in alphabetic pages. BlockIt, blocks access to your computer. File Inventory, print all files in a directory or save it to a text. IcoViewer, view all icons in a directory, option to view selected icon in Systray and Taskbar. IcViewer, is a mini icon viewer and tester, adds View to the context menu when right clicking an icon if you select to associate it. LFN Backup and Restore, backup the long file names. MyNotes, save your notes safely with quick search and daily notes rotary backup. Notes Lite save your notes safely with quick search and daily notes rotary backup. OCX Fix, fixes OCX problems. AlphaSort, sorts lines in alphabetic order. SubInfo, retains all your personal info, click any button to copy specific info to the clipboard. Win98 Config, it is software and a tip on how to remove the added junk in Win98, Win95 OSR2c and Win95 that has IE40 installed in it. Read the two page tip and run the Win98 config tool that fixes your registry, MsDos.sys and disables AutoScan and Scanreg vicious restore circles. Task Scheduler, schedule tasks and run it as an alarm.

This program would be much nicer if there was an icon in the system tray that you could right click on to access all the applications. Several of these applications are included in Windows but there is a utility for removing the applications you don't want. All the applications in MiniApps are freeware. Download it and check it out.

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Reviewed by Zonia Heath -

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