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SurfMap JavaScript

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Type of Program: Web Authoring Tools
Supported Platforms: Windows 95/98/NT
Company Name: SurfMap, Inc.
Version: 2.1
Price: $99.00
Installed Size: 2.5MB


SurfMap JavaScript is a program written completely in Java Script. It enables the user to quickly and easily create Site Maps of their sites. Just enter in the address of your site and how many levels deep you want it to go and click crawl. When SurfMap JavaScript gets done crawling your site it shows a list of the links in the "Site Hierarchy Window". Use the Contents, Style, Format Text, and Add Images tabs and the add, cut copy, paste, promote and demote buttons to customize the Site Map to suit your taste. Save it and a window will pop up explaining what you need to do to get the Site Map, written in Java script, on your site.

The other features I did not mention is the Preview in a Browser and that the script all takes into account that everybody might not have Java enabled browsers and places code in the script for them. The Options lets you set a default background color or image, proxy settings, and the ability to URLs Translation. If you do not crawl your html pages directly from your server you use the URLs Translation to replace the local addresses with the site addresses. For example if I crawl the Infozonia Domain folder it would replace the "C:\WorknStuff\Web Sites\Infozonia Domain" with "". All in all it is easy enough for a novice to use since they do not have to know any Java to use it and there is also a tutorial to help them if they need. The power user will love all the features and how quickly it works not to mention the time it will save them.

It might be good to read Step 7 in the Quick Start Guide in help to make sure you upload the correct files so that the script will work once you have in place. That was the most complicated part for me. This is truly a powerful program to use but you can see that for yourself if you take advantage of the 30 day free trial. The difference between the registered and unregistered versions is that in the unregistered version it includes a "Buy SurfMap(tm) Now!" link to their website in every site map you create. Once registered you need to resave any maps you saved in the registered version to remove the link.

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