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Ubique TrueType Font Cataloguer

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Type of Program: Utility
Supported Platforms: Windows 95/98
Company Name: Future Trend Enterprise
Version: ?
Price: $30.00
Installed Size: 430kb


Ubique TTF Font Cataloguer is a utility that will let you view and/or print True Type Fonts without installing them. Just point Ubique to the drive and directory where the fonts are and it will list all the fonts there so that you can view and/or print them. You can print a catalogue of all the fonts or just the ones you select. You can install and remove fonts easily.

When the program opens there are 3 tabs to choose from. The first tab is Preview Fonts. It has 2 windows on the left letters underneath. Select a letter and when you click on a font that letter will be displayed in the left window and the entire alphabet and numbers will be displayed in the right window. On the right side of the preview fonts window you have a list of installed fonts, a drop down list for selecting the drive you want view, a display of the directories on that drive under that, and a list of fonts in the selected directory under that. Just click on the font to view it. You also have buttons for installing and removing fonts, print selected font, and quit ubique.

The second tab is Catalogue which is where you select the fonts you want to print a catalogue of. You have the choice of Custom, Proof, and Standard. There is also a place for entering the Header and the Custom Text you want printed in the catalogue. The buttons here are Printer Setup, Print, and Quit Ubique. The last tab if for entering the Registration Code for the program and will disappear when you register.

All in all this is a great program for dealing with fonts. Not having to install the fonts before viewing them or printing them is a definite plus. It is shareware so you can take advantage of the free trial and check it out for yourself.

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Reviewed by Zonia Heath -

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