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Type of Program: PIM
Supported Platforms: Win3.11/Win95/WinNT
Company Name: Wessex Systems
Version: 3
Price: UKú20.0
Installed Size: 1Mb


Action-Pro is an easy way to organize your Things To Do, Reminders, and Lists. If you are like me you have little notes scattered everywhere or in a box making hard to find the item you are looking for. Action-Pro will help you to organize them into easy to read lists that you can sort according to your preferences. For each item on the list you can have an Item Description (name) up to 50 characters, Priority 1-9, Category (10 characters), Do By Date, and Notes. Other features include multiple lists, copy, print, reports, delete, mark as done, different views, and color coding.

You can create multiple lists by clicking new and adding your items then save the file with a new name. You can copy highlighted items, all displayed items, all items, or all done items to the same list or another list. It will even delete the item from the list you copied from if you want it to. You can set different view and print reports list by using the predefined ones or defining your own. For example you could view/print all late items. When you are done with an item you can delete it or mark it as done. Items in the list(s) are color coded so you can easily see what stage they are in. Open and Current items are Blue, Open and Late items are Red, and Done items are gray.

All in all this is a pretty good programs. I didn't have any problems with it and it is really easy to use. I don't know if there is a limit to lists or items or how long the free trial but I do know that a nag screen pops up from time to time while you are working and you have to click OK to close it. Registration includes the latest boxed version of Action-Pro with full documentation and unlimited technical support and of course no more annoying nag screen.

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Reviewed by Zonia Heath -

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