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Type of Program: Clipboard Utility
Supported Platforms: Windows 95/98/NT
Company Author's Name: BTS Unlimited
Version: 4.0.8
Price: $22.50
Installed Size: 4 MB


APS-EZR is a utility that will quickly fill out on-line forms, spreadsheets, and anything else where you enter the same information over and over. You can store 12 single line entries; your personal information; 12 multiline entries; and 200 web sites, documents, files, and more with passwords. With the Auto Advance, Auto Tab, Auto Carriage Return (Enter), and Auto Paste features it will now take seconds instead of minutes or hours to enter information. Other features includes Update to latest version, Re-configure colors, Save data, Download animated graphics and other cool stuff, Hide, and Off.

Just type in your frequently typed data and fill in your personal information and you are ready to go. The Line Tab is where you enter your single line data such as credit card numbers, tags, and more. The Multi Tab is where you enter multiline data (data that has carriage returns) such as your entire snail mail address and so on. The PERS Tab is where you enter your personal information. The fields are First Name, Last Name, Company, Address 1, Address 2, City, Stake, Zip Code, E-mail Address, and Phone Number.

The PWD Tab is where you enter web site, file, registrations, and other information. The fields are Name of Website, URL of Website or file reference, Name you use to Logon to Site, and Password you use to logon to Site. Just click the Button with the world and arrow icon in it and it will open your web browser (for URLS), Windows explorer (for directories or folders), or the program registered to the extension of the file (for files e.g. .txt opens notepad). All these tabs have a Paste button which will turn Auto Paste on or off. The auto paste will paste what you have selected when and where you left click.

The OPT Tab is what makes this program even more powerful because this is where you find the Auto Advance, Auto Tab, and Auto Carriage Return options. The Auto Advance option will automatically advance to the next entry when the currently selected entry is pasted. The Auto Tab option will automatically tab to the next field on the form and so on. The Auto Carriage Return option is like hitting the Enter Key after each entry is pasted.

Using the Auto options in conjunction with each other makes filling out forms and other things quick and easy. For example if you have Auto Advance, Auto Tab, and Auto Paste all on and you go to lets a say a form on a web that requires your personal information then you can fill it out in seconds by selecting the PERS Tab then go to the web form and left click in the box where you are supposed to put your first name. APS-EZR enters your first name, advances to the Last Name entry in APS-EZR, and tabs to the next field in the web form (usually Last Name). Just keep left clicking in the appropriate fields in the web form and it will be filled out (at least most of it) in seconds. If you want to skip pasting the data currently selected in APS-EZR then just right click and it will go on to the next item. This is good for stuff that is not asked for or you don't have information in like Company or Address 2.

All in all this program is easy to use and a real time saver. My personal favorites are the personal information and the ability to keep passwords with web sites (can get rid of those cookies). I wish there were configurable hot keys so a person could change the left click and right click activation if they wanted to. I could not get the delete button to work when editing an entry in the PWD Tab. The program is shareware and has a 30 day free trial but I am warning you once you use it for something like filling out a web form or going to a password protected site you will want to register it.

Performance: 4 Stars
User Friendly: 5 Stars
Cost: 4 Stars
Ease of Installation: 4 Stars
Support: 3 Stars
Reviewed by Zonia Heath -

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