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Hello Dingbat

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Type of Program: "Font decorating tool for Web pages"
Suggested platforms: Not listed but I use WIN98
Author's Name: Oh Jun Kyu
Version: 1
Price: $29.00
Installed Size: 2.38 MB


As a dyed in the wool web page designer, I am always looking for some interesting programs for creating buttons, lines, graphics, etc..

Hello Dingbat is an interesting little program that makes it simple for you to create these types of things. The basics are all there and I suspect you will only be limited by your imagination. There are many special effect that you may apply to your creations including 3D, fog, drop shadow and others. You may also work on these in Photo Shop or Paint Shop Pro. The program is an executable file that installs easily. The help files are easy to follow and the "Gallery" shows you some examples AND tells you how the effects were done. The finished product may be saved in two .GIF formats-16 color or 256 color- as well as .JPG and .BMP.

This program is "shareware" and does not cease functioning after the 30 day trial period. So for the 30 days of "legal" trial time, you have a fully functioning, uncrippled program. This enables you to decide if you want to continue using it and register it. As with all shareware programs, you may not use it after the 30 day period unless you pay for and register it.

I enjoyed playing with Hello Dingbat and was impressed by the results. If you are looking for a versatile program, check this one out.

User Friendly:
Ease of Installation:
Reviewed by: Louise Wilson

The program may be purchased by fax, phone, snail mail or through secure online ordering. Visa, MC, AE and Discover are all accepted as payment. If paying by mail, check or money order are also accepted.

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