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Type of Program: Web Browser
Supported Platforms: Win 9x, Win NT 4
Company Name: Stilesoft
Version: 5.02
Price: Free (ad supported) $19.95 (Ad Free Pro Edition)
Installed Size: 1.2 MB (requires IE 4 or IE 5)


Someone has finally done their homework. Whether from their own experience or from feedback from other frustrated IE users Stilesoft has created what very well might be the perfect Web Browser.

Netcaptor, formerly known as SimulBrowse, is an MDI browser built upon the base of IE. However Stilesoft delivers what surfers really need a fast, easy and very powerful tabbed interface browser that has every feature you can think of and some you could not.

For starters, the Multiple Document Interface (MDI) allows you to open as many different web sites as your PC will allow and easily navigate between them by clicking on tabs. The tabs even show the status of the various pages whether the site has been contacted, is in the process of being downloaded, or is ready to view is denoted by a red, yellow or green indicator right on the tab itself. You can close individual tabs or all of them at once with just a couple of mouse clicks. A fantastic feature is called Captor Groups. These are user defined sets of pages that will all be opened at once for your viewing pleasure. Absolutely wonderful if there are several sites you check every day, or even more than once per day. Creating the groups is as easy as opening the pages you want in the group on multiple tabs then telling Netcaptor to create a Captor Group from the opened pages. You can even set a group to be your home page so that all your favorites open at once every time you connect. This is a real time saver let me tell you.

Built right in to Netcaptor are options to kill pop-up ads, display graphics or not, play music or not, etc. further speeding up your surfing experience. Access to your e-mail is one click away because the program will launch your default mail client for you and check your mail at the press of a button.

Extensive keyboard shortcuts make this a browser that is friendly to the physically impaired.

I could not find a single flaw in the design or function of Netcaptor. My hat is off to the developers at Stilesoft. Keep up the great work guys we really appreciate it.

If you are already an IE 4 or 5 user you will be amazed at how this piece of software enhances your time on the Internet. If you do not use IE, this is an excuse to give in and try it. You will not be disappointed. If you are only going to download one piece of software from the net ( yeah right;) ) Netcaptor should be the one.

User Friendly:
Ease of Installation:
Reviewed by Jeff Worley

Methods of purchasing the program: Via credit card downloaded delivery. By phone, fax or check. Details available for purchasing the Pro Edition at

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