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Perl Builder

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Type of Program: Integrated development environment (IDE) for the Perl programming language
Supported Platforms: Windows95/NT
Company Name: Solutionsoft
Version: 1.0a
Price: $149
Installed Size: 3264KB


    I don't know about you, but getting to know the Internet from the standpoint of someone interested in actively participating in the creation of content, I have been investigating for quite a while now the tools one needs to master in order to really call him(her)self a webmaster. I love the Internet because it represents a unique moment in history. Just when we were about to feel that there were no new places to go to on this earth, no new lands to discover, no more wild beast to tame: enters the Internet and this new concept: cyberspace. Just like in any newly discovered land, one would be tempted to ask the question: what language is spoken here? Well, for me, that is a question that stroke my imagination as being relevant.

Perl spoken here! Sure there are the obvious so called «human» languages that we use for ordinary conversation depending of our cultures. But, on the Web, there is an other language and an other culture that striked me as being built in the very fibers of the Internet. This culture and this language are, as a matter of fact, so much part of the cyber cellular structure of the Web that a lot (if not most) of todays surfers don't even notice them at all... unless, they wake up one day and try to serve content and structure to the Web. Obviously, or maybe not so obviously for some, I am talking about the UNIX culture and the Perl language. If like me, you are using Windows for what it does best but were intimidated by the intricacy of Perl and CGI. Fear no more: Perl Builder is your solution to open up the power gate of Perl scripting. I have been testing Perl Builder now for several weeks now and I find it invaluable: 1) for learning Perl and 2) for creating CGI scripts for the Internet. There is just no better and faster mean available on the Windows95/NT platform to create custom interactive CGI forms for your website and that, WITHOUT writing a singe line of Perl code (if you don't want to), period. With Perl Builder, you will get up and running in no time. Add to this a good Perl book ( I am using Perl5 Interactive Course Certified Edition - 2nd Edition ) and learning Perl, writing and debugging ALL your Perl scripts becomes pure pleasure.

No webserver required.

All CGI routines are emulated right on your Win95/NT desktop (For this, you will have to download a copy of Perl for Windows - available from , Solutionsoft's Perl Builder download areas). I just cant over emphasize this feature enough. Before, I had to test all my CGI scripts on line from my server itself at the risk of bugging it down. Plus I had no alternative other than to work from the command line of my telnet account to debug my scripts. No more. Now, most (if not all) my CGI-Perl testings and debuggings are done offline locally using Windows95.You can even test the result of E-mail messages generated by your CGI/Perl script OFFLINE. Minor adjustments may sometimes be necessary though when performing the final tests online. But as I get to be more and more familiar with the intricacies of Perl and of my UNIX Apache Server, this time tends toward «zero time» thanks to Perl Builder. And, oh yes, Perl Builder is also a must have for serious Perl scripting once you know enough about Perl to venture deeper into the language. Unleash the power of CGI and Perl on your server! If you are on Win95/NT, get Perl Builder, you will bless me for telling you so!

Key features

The CGI Wizard allows anyone to create sophisticated CGI scripts without programming Process any HTML form. Validate user input. Send email messages. Generate HTML output The Integrated Editor/Debugger allows you to immediately test and debug your code in an environment which is reminiscent of the top visual development tools from Microsoft and Borland Standard debugging features: breakpoints, single step, watches, etc. Color syntax highlighting. "Tool Tip" variable inspection (just move the mouse over a variable name to see its value). Double click an error message to jump directly to the problem source code line. Desktop Testing/CGI Simulation: Test your scripts right within the development environment! Perl Builder simulates CGI behavior visually so you view the output from your script (HTML, email messages, etc.) right on the desktop. Supports both CGI and general purpose Perl development. Fully Windowed (GUI) environment. You never need to work with the command line. By bringing editing, testing and debugging features together into a single, intuitive environment, Perl Builder makes it much more easy to develop sophisticated Perl scripts right on the Windows 95/NT desktop. Perl Builder requires Windows 95 or NT.

Outstanding features:

While Perl Builder runs only under Windows 95/NT, the resulting scripts may be used on any system which supports Perl (Unix, Windows NT, Mac, etc.). No webserver is required; CGI behavior is simulated on any desktop.

Available online at:

Add on: To get the full benefit of this program, you will need a Windows 95/NT version of Perl. You can download a free copy of Perl for Windows from Solutionsoft's PerlBuilder download area.

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Reviewed by Georges Payer

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