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Animated Screen

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Type of Program: Screen Saver, Animation, Free Gift, and Cards Maker.
Supported Platforms: Win 98 + 95
Company Name:Made PY Software
Installed Size:2,256,022


Animated Screen is a great program for making animations, screensavers, cool cards, and free gifts! One bad thing is that you have to make the pictures to animate it. It does have some premade cards (not very many). It does have a shareware reminder at the start of the program but that isn't that bad. To sell your own creations I recommend that you register it at or use the register program in the help menu. Now back to the program. It has many features like how fast the animation goes and you can make it move around the screen. It has bounce, where you set up a boundary and decide how fast it moves and it bounce off the sides of the boundary! It also has random, where it randomly appears within the boundary!

Commercial Registration means that you can make Reg Names and Codes that you can sell to get rid of the reminders YOU MAKE! and get rid of there reminders. It doesn't expire after 30 days, Educational Discount means that you get money off for being a K-12 student or a teacher. Home Registration means you can't make Reg Names and Codes but it get rid of there reminders and it doesn't expire after 30 days.

User Friendly:
Ease of Installation:
Reviewed By Ryan Kupfer

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