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CaptureEze Pro

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Type of Program: Capture and Image Processing Tool
Supported Platform: Windows 95/98/NT
Company Name: Application Techniques, Inc.
Version: 7.0
Price: free to try, $39.95
Installed size: 2.9M


Don't think CaptureEze Pro is just another screen capture utility --this powerfully integrated image processor also captures the essence of your graphics oriented work by consolidating the essential image manipulation tools and cataloging features. All this with a foolproof user interface that lets you get up to speed instantly. And while there are other capture programs I've used and liked, none I've found match what this one does.

While CaptureEze is really packed with capture options and editing features, its four main capabilities that really set it apart from similarly priced products (and, um, capture my heart) are 1) its ability to capture entire scrolling Internet pages, 2) its ability to be used as an image editor for existing images (whether stored on your drive, or from your TWAIN compatible scanner or digital camera), 3) its powerful print and cataloging support, and 4) the completely easy way it lets you generate web-ready artwork --aha, especially for making transparent GIFs with no fuss!

You're not stuck opening up a separate high-dollar graphics editor to do some o' this & some o' that -- whether it's for fresh captures, or images already in your catalog, CaptureEze Pro handles graphics-file conversion (supporting 18 different formats, and yes, including BMP and TIFF files). And its "Intelligent Sizing" feature simplifies making web graphics and Power Point images. CaptureEze is unique in its support of TIFF print sizing to ensure high-quality documentation.

This Pro edition includes more image enhancement tools -- edge effects, high quality digital and traditional frames, and essential filters, including Blur, Sharpen, Color and Emboss. It allows you to change single colors or a complete range, apply color changes to auto saves, zoom from 6.25 to 1600 percent. Plus you can crop, rotate, mirror, and change color levels, and you can even print posters up to 4 by 4 pages.

For the consistency conscious, color changes you make can be saved in "Recipes" so that the same changes can be uniformly applied to whatever batch of images you need to edit. What a time and sanity saver.

CaptureEze Pro's built-in image cataloging allows fast and flexible viewing of one or all images -- browse on a per-thumbnail basis, or preview an entire catalog, complete with all the image information, including the filesize (so you can make editing decisions for web-art) , plus the dimensions you need to plug into your HTML code.

In all, the feature-set is very practical and workmanlike. Its screen capture options can be Entire Screen, Active Window, Active Window's Client Area Only, Internet Page with Automatic Scrolling, Rectangular Screen Area with Repeat, Specific Screen Object, or Full Screen DOS VGA Graphics. User preferences can be customized, such as the Hot Key selection, time delayed captures, sounds and visual indicators, and more. While activated, CaptureEzePro can be minimized to a system tray icon to save taskbar space.

CaptureEzePro can be downloaded in a fully functional trial that's good for 45 days, but keep in mind this free trial period will expire at any time if you change your system clock or uninstall the program. It can be purchased at the product web site, or by phone, by calling 800-433-5201 or 978-433-5201 (outside the Continental U.S). Major credit cards are accepted. Buyers can receive a full retail version, including manual, and phone support. Shipping of the boxed version is an additional $5.95 to the base purchase price.

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Reviewed by Bobbie Crowell
ICQ # 9407183

Note: CaptureEze 97, continues to be available from Application Techniques.
Information can be found at the company web site, and in a separate review here at SharewareJunkies.

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