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Type of Program: Puzzle game
Supported Platforms:Microsoft Windows All
Company Name:Dexterity Software
Price: $ 9.95
Installed Size: 1,797kb


This game is A unique puzzle game with 10 levels that get harder and harder, with Some levels having multiple solutions. The object of the game is save the baby Dweeps by maneuvering past all kinds of dangers that can and will do away with momma dweep.

When playing the levels you can pick up assorted items, all of which have multiple uses to help win the levels and save the babies. You then proceed to the higher levels until all are won.

This game is a delight to lose: with pretty colors, spiffy music and great graphics. It is easy to learn how to play but hard to win the game. The puzzle is in figuring how to use items such as water buckets, mirrors and more to win the levels in order to save the babies.
The game is for all ages, has a very nice menu with options such as full instructions for playing the game ,A toggle for the music,sound effects, tips and more, and is user friendly for adults and kids alike. The game is mouse controlled.

Players have the option of going to for hints,solutions,and a host of other free offers.The game is mouse controlled. A bonus for registering includes 20 new levels ,new Items ,new Obstacles and free technical support and access to Dweep expansion packs and notice of new releases .

User Friendly:
Ease of Installation:
Reviewed by Nina Bogus

Purchase At"Dexterity Software (cash check,money order or credit card)
Mail to: Dexterity Software
P.O. Box 571961
Tarzana, CA 91357-1961

or Fax to: 1-530-579-7241 (Credit Card Orders Only)
or Email: (Credit Card Orders Only)

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