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Type of Program:BackUp Utilty
Supported Platforms:Windows 2000/NT/98/95
Company Name:GRSoftware
Price: $59
Installed Size:1.23 Mb


There are a number of reasons to use this program, among them are versatility, ease of use, speed and convenience. Also it supports back-ups to CD-RW. The interface is an Explorer type so it is hard to go wrong there, even a novice can set up a back-up in minutes.

Versatility is there because what ever type of backup you want to do GRBackPro can do it. Speed, well you haven't seen speed until you have run this baby, plus it will work in the background. Which brings up convenience. Once you have configured your back-up you don't have to do it again, plus you can set up as many different back-ups as you want.

Lets take a look a typical situation. You want to back-up your Windows system folder, your system files, your email files, and your my documents folder. What you do is select the folder where each of them are (except the system files, there is a place to check that in the program, it is enabled by default), decide whether or not to include sub-folders, and then tell GRBackPro where you want the back-ups stored. Then hit the back-up button. Your Done.

Here is the really good news, when you have configured your back-up the first time and run it, the next times it only backs up the changed files so it really hums then.

Some figures, GRBackPro backed-up 50 Mb in 2:17 on my computer. Then I deleted the original and it restored it in 25 seconds! (that was from hard drive to hard drive, if you are backing up to a cd or zip disk your times are sure to be longer)

Listen, you really need to do something about backing up your stuff. This is the program to do it with.

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Reviewed by Joe Tex

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