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Integrity Master

Type of Program: System Utility (Data Integrity AND Virus Detection)
Supported Platforms: DOS/Windows/OS2
Company Name: Stiller Research 
Version: 4.21 
Price: $45. (US)plus $4.50 for mailed versions. 
Installed Size: 1.24MG (51 files) 


Integrity Master is a useful program that REALLY works! It encourages you to become more acquainted with your 'puter and gives you the tools to recognize a virus, trojan or software conflict in the earliest stages! You can download an evaluation copy (with the option of a full or condensed install) and use it for a generous 60 days… no nag screens, either! All this, and it's FAST!

As the author states you are far more likely to crash due to software conflicts and human error than due to a virus or trojan. This program establishes baseline information about your drive(s) and compares with it each time you run the integrity check. If you have a corrupted file, a drop in CPU speed, changes to your CMOS or Registry or the boot sector of a floppy drive this program will notify you and suggest the probable cause(s) and solutions. Included in this program are the tools to back up and restore these critical items. Although virus-checking is included, the author does not suggest that this is the MOST updated virus-checking you can have. I use Integrity Master to compliment my (frequently) updated virus-checker.

1) The Readme file is HUGE and incredibly informative… If you want hard-copy, open it in a word-processor, reduce the font and print it landscape, two-up. 
2) Pretend that you cannot open Windows and practice accessing the program from DOS… it will give you confidence that you could recover from most problems using this program.

User Friendly
Ease of Installation
Reviewed by Marilynne Isaacs

To order you can use Visa/MasterCard for online download or shipment; OR order via snail-mail and pay by check or charge (order form in download). 

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