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Type of Program: Graphics
Supported Platforms:Windows 95/98 and NT!
Company Name:MH Software
Version: v1.06
Price: $20.00
Installed Size: 1.40mb


iBrowse takes the same type of form as Windows Explorer to browse your computer for your image files. Knowing ahead of time how to utilize software makes it all the easier for you to jump right and get your images organized.

You may view your images in a lot of ways. They are as follows-thumbnails Ascending-descending-date-size-small or large icons as reports and lists. The program also offers 2 other displays they are Favorites which allows you to go straight to where they are located and Albums where you can relocate all of your favorite pictures. After you browse your computer and pick the best images you can store them all in albums which is very handy rather than having them all over your p.c.

Albums are where you store and categorize your images for ease of use or to just have them in one place. You can call up a picture and e-mail it from iBrowse alone or with a letter or anything you want to send with it. The e-mail will send the image as an icon with the size on it.

Favorites are just other locations you use for your images; you can leave them where they are and find them fast from the favorites section of iBrowse. It is a quick and Accurate way to find them fast but you can't access them from iBrowse it just shows You where they are. You can have a folder anyplace on your p.c. as a favorite Location such as your Internet browser cache or maybe a digital camera or even on your desktop.

The iBrowse software is really easy to use, has neat little help files on all Functions and the opening screen are familiar to all. If you are looking for this Kind of software look no farther you found it.

The software will let you move copy and various other functions by right clicking Your mouse. This includes the e-mail options too.

User Friendly:
Ease of Installation:
Reviewed By Nina Bogus

You may buy online if you wish the code will be sent Via e-mail. All minor updates are free to registered users.

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