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Type of Program: Scheduler/Event Launcher
Supported Platforms: Win3.1 Win95/NT4.0/NT 3.51 
Company Name: Cypress Technologies 
Version: ver 2.87
Price: $29.95 
Installed Size: Less than 2MG 


I decided to test-drive this program because it occurred to me that I could save some time if I could automate some of my backup and disk-maintenance chores. Then I noticed LaunchPad. 

With LaunchPad its easy to launch a program AND to schedule the launch for sometime when you are away from the computer, it will even shut down or reboot your computer and you can include automated keystrokes. In very little time I figured out how to have it launch AOL, type in my password, and sign me on. Then I experimented with having it launch and complete a defrag of my drive... that was a bit more complex because I had to figure out what to tell it to type in order to answer the prompts... but I finally hit the magic combo of pauses and letters... and now with one click defrag is accomplished! If I had more expertise with DDE command lines I'd probably be dangerous... :)

A really cool feature is that it is context sensitive as well as schedule-driven... you could schedule a backup of a particular file every ten minutes (or whatever increment) IF a particular window on your screen is active. If you have ever felt a bit like a robot backing up files, defragging your drive, making backup copies of your registry, running your virus checker, or booting up a cluster of programs that you multi-task with... then this program may be just what you need!!

This small-but-mighty program has lots of built in supports direct DOS commands, DDE monitoring, DDE command scripts, Sendkey macros, multiple schedule files and is Network capable. It sits in your taskbar, so it's out of the way, yet handy. The downloaded program is fully functional for thirty days then they want some money...:) 

User Friendly:
Ease of Installation:
Reviewed by Marilynne Isaacs

Launchpad can be purchased at the website using a credit card, I could not tell which ones they accept. They apparently do not want you to make an impulse buy... they say USE it for the full trial period, because we have a NO RETURN policy and we want you to be happy. That's disclosure!

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