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PSA Cards

Type of Program: PIM
Supported Platforms: Win 3x/95/98/NT
Company/Authors Name: PSA Software / William L. Rogers
Version: 3.4
Price: $25
Installed Size: 1380KB


PSA Cards is an extremely useful / powerful program, that has become a necessity in my life. PSA Cards allows people to organize every aspect of their lifeís, from the making of notes for a class, to the remembering of a persons phone number. PSA Cards is a program that was designed to make life easier for the common person, with the helpful use of organization. Itís easy to use layout and friendly appearance, makes it simple to use for anyone, while at the same time providing the power of any planner program. Itís ability to print off any section of your personal notes, as well as providing a well in-depth help section, makes this PSA Cards a smart choice for any person whoís looking to buy a personal organizer.

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User Friendly :
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Reviewed by Robert Oikle

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