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Type of Program: Shopping Cart
Supported Platforms: Win9x/NT
Company Name: 3D Cubed (3d3)
Version: 4.1
Price: $179.00 - $699.00 (see below)
Installed Size: 15m FULL Install


A word of note: I have looked at several shopping cart programs and have emailed many other Authors/Publishers but they have failed to respond to my inquiries as yet so I must say at this point that "ShopFactory has it all and may not be matched!" I also took several months to evaluate ShopFactory and really tried to put it through some tests (which all passed).

Very rarely does a software program excite me. As a programmer, Beta Tester and Reviewer myself I have seen my share of programs and this program really has me excited about the future of doing e-commerce related business on the Internet!! I have talked with some techs that are in the Internet business (not just any techs, but some that have worked for top companies that most of us know by name). A lot of what I gathered from these techs was the immense dollars that it takes to build an online business, complete with shopping cart and not to mention the complexity of building such a site. All this is about to change! Let's take a look at what ShopFactory has to offer:

With ShopFactory you can be as creative as your heart desires and still manage to have a complete online shop ready for the Internet in just a little amount of time. There's no need to learn complex CGI, VBScript, etc. All you do is point and click! The interface is superb! You have a 2-frame desktop from which to work; 1 side shows a tree view of all your Departments and Product Listings and the other side shows the actual items that you have added to your shop. Changing, adding or deleting any department or listing is just a matter of clicking. Updating and keeping your shop up-to-date is even easier than creating and both by the way are fun to do as ShopFactory takes a lot of the work out it and lets you concentrate more on your shop and products.

You start out with any one of the pre-made Themes to build your shop and then begin adding departments, sub-departments, products, descriptions and prices (sound too easy? Read on). You can Preview your shop with just a mouse click and after you have your shop complete and if you have some HTML knowledge you can further customize the pages but left alone with the pre-made Theme is really all many users will need as the Themes are professionally created and look great. But, if you must, ShopFactory lets you also select and customize any Theme from within.

Within the program you can adjust Taxes and Shipping charges to fit just about any need with ease. You name the situation and ShopFactory can handle it! You can create a complete online store and then have ShopFactory apply store-wide discounts to each and every item you have listed. Or, create discounts for only a few items, or make your discounts different for individual items! Whew! Nothing seems to stop ShopFactory! With over 150 currency conversions available you have the power for literally millions of people from around the World to buy from your shop.

Which brings up another point; how do you accept payments? Users can pay by credit card, check, Bank Draft, Pay on Delivery, or by Purchase Order. You name it and ShopFactory or one of the compatible real time payment systems can handle it for you. The program has several real time payment systems available where all you have to do is point, click, and viola; instant online shop. Want more? ShopFactory comes with its own SSL service provided free of charge. All you have to do to use it and start accepting orders of your own, is to publish your shop. There are no requirements on your server which means your shop is ready to go and will even run on free servers! Are you beginning to see why this program excites me so much?

The cost? ShopFactory has 3 flavors: (1) The Light Version for $179.00 which is for small shops and no more than 50 items.

(2) The Professional Version for $299.00 allows you to build as many shops for yourself as you like.

(3) The Developer Version for $699.00 lets you create as many shops as you would like for others.

With these 3 versions available right now and with some feature rich add-ins (see the company site), ShopFactory blows those high-end products and the struggles of building an online site away! Along with a great program, this company also provides direct email support that could be graded 5 Stars in itself (which I did).

No wonder this program has won so much acclaim and many awards! With ShopFactory perhaps the 'e' in e-commerce should come to mean 'easy-commerce!'

User Friendly
Ease of Installation
Reviewed by Robert Hall

Purchases can be made online from their Web site of course. :)

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