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T O L (Time On Line)

Type of Program:Internet Cost
Supported Platforms:Win 95/98/NT
Author's Name:Brad Grove
Price: $15
Installed Size:2.3 Mb


The installation of this program went smoothly. It is even one of those thoughtful programs that makes a backup of files it replaces. OK, lets get down to the Nits and Gritties. First of all remember the expression GIGO? Garbage in Garbage out! If you don't take the time to put in the exact way you are charged for the Internet you are not going to be able to make use of the data that comes out. In my case it is fairly complicated the way I am charged. The good news is that TOL can handle it.

TOL reads your Modemlog.txt and then figures out in your currency how much you are spending on the Internet. The author of this program has done a tremendous job. First of all he does his best to get you setup. The program walks you through the process of installing a Modemlog.txt file if you don't already have one. In my case it was even more complicated than that because I am also using NetMedic and it doesn't let you have Modemlog.txt installed to the default directory. I just did a search for it and found it though.

There is Help and there is Help. This program has Help, it has tool tips help and startup Help and any other kind of Help you want or need.

In conclusion. If you want to keep track of your Internet costs this is where to go. You get a fully featured 30 day evaluation period with No Nags. The price of this program is right too at $15 which includes all future up-grades you just can't beat it. This is a beauty of a program, in appearance, layout and the job it does. Go Now and Get It!

User Friendly:
Ease of Installation:
Reviewed by Joe Tex

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